Our story

Aurora Roots is a new brand of trendy urban sportswear for women and men, focused on people and their well-being. It was created from the questions of 'Where to find a comfortable and elegant tracksuit with which you can go for a walk in the city, on a coffee, on a trip or a nearby on a small hill and would in all these occasions feel 'CHIC AND COMFY'? As nowadays we don't have time to chose different pieces of clothing, so it needs to be simple and usable. Clothes are created with Slovenian knowledge, ideas and inspiration from everyday life.

Name Aurora Roots means accepting ourselves as we are, always see positive in things, glow and the ligh. With all these we are accompanied by solid roots, which illustrate our being place. Place where we are surrounded by friends and family. Place where we feel comfortable, loved, wanted and in such place we feel to wear comfortable clothes.

Because we create for people and their good everyday life our main icon in logo is the sun. Under our sun we are equal and all of us deserve to feel good. That's why all pieces from collections take name after places, that we can connect all continents and at least all of us. Our starting point was a small Slovenian town called Dobrova. From this small Slovenian place Aurora Roots started spreading its roots. Crossed OO's from the logo mean endless roots spreading. We believe with Aurora Roots anyone can be 'CHIC AND COMFY' and find their true roots.

Let's go and expand them!