Online shop accepts the following payment options:

1.    Cash on delivery

In case, that you want to pay you your order with cash on delivery option. You must specify this on the form for ordering in the shopping basket. Ordered goods will be sent with our postal service to your address, where the goods will be exchanged for payment. In case, that you selected cash on delivery option, please take care that you'll have enough money for payment when the order arrives. 
Slovenian post d.o.o charges every delivery with their price list. 

2.    Payment with credit card 

Ordered goods can be paid with credit card in the ordering form online. The payer must be the same person or organization that is the name holder of the credit card. In case, when name holder isn't citizen of Slovenia or uses credit card that wasn't issued in Slovenia or when the recipient and payer aren't the same people, we hold the right to extra identification checking of the payer, he will be sent a written statement through e-mail or fax, that he agrees with the payment of goods. After ordering goods with this payment option, changing the content of the order, final price, address for delivers and other conditions are not possible.  

Provider issues a bill on permanent media, with broken down costs and buyer instructions, how to cancel an order and return the order if that is necessary and possible. Buyer received bll from supplier ROTAR, d.o.o.

Contract of sale (order) is in electronic form saved on the server of the provider. Access to this contract is enabled by the provider, the buyer can order a copy of the contract by e-mail The provider can then send the copy to the buyer in written form by post or in e-mail form on buyers desired e-mail address.